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Delivering the right deal for you

We don’t just advise on selling businesses. You might want to secure investment to help grow your business. You and your management team might want to acquire the company you work for. Or, you might want to find the best funding package or private equity investment available.

Whatever it is that you need, we have a proven track record of completing deals for privately owned businesses of all sizes across many sectors.

Different from most boutique practices, we’re surrounded by experts in other fields to complement the deal process. Our people have exceptional, in-depth knowledge of accounting, tax, IT, wealth management and much more, so we can bring in the right people at exactly the right time to maximise value for you.


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Selling your business

Successful business leaders prioritise succession planning, whether by bringing in new management or by changing ownership.


We always start by understanding your personal objectives. That could be retaining family control, passing the business on to its managers, realising the highest price – or something else entirely. Many entrepreneurs want to leave behind them a legacy that retains the unique culture and identity of the business. We’ll work with you to review your company’s situation and then, together, we’ll structure a strategic plan for a smooth exit.


The right exit strategy, meticulous preparation, deep insights and clear articulation of the strengths of your business, along with finding the right buyer or investor, are the critical elements of a successful exit. We pride ourselves on being able to deliver all of this to secure the very best results for you.


Our promise is simple: to understand and deliver to your objectives. Frequently that will be to maximise the value of the sale. We will do that. We specialise in selling businesses for individuals and our selling principles are well established. Confidentiality, competitive tension and controlled processes guide everything we do. But we don’t use a cookie cutter approach.  We’ll work with you to find the ideal buyer who is prepared to pay the most and be the best partner for your business and, thanks to Global M&A, we will attract interest from overseas as well as from across the UK. This means only serious buyers with strong strategic reasons and the right motivations are shortlisted.

Growing your business

If your business is growing, you might need new and fresh investment. We can help you evaluate the whole range of funding options. Using our established relationships with specialist development capital and debt providers and years of in-house private equity expertise, we’ll work with you to find the best funding package to meet your business ambitions.

Management buy-outs

Management buy-outs and management negotiations with private equity investors are renowned for their complexity. So, it’s always best to get us involved early. We’ll lead negotiations, use our experience to overcome tricky situations and accelerate the process. By harnessing our far-reaching connections, we’ll find potential funders and negotiate the right deal, allowing you to focus on running your business and preserving your relationship with your investor.

Funding for the future

Funding structures often become less effective over time. Better options may exist. So, if you need to raise or reschedule debt or change equity structures, or if you’re wanting to respond to changing market conditions, please talk to us. We’ll review your existing financial structures, whilst considering how to balance any changes with shareholder value whilst maximising shareholder returns.

Buying a company

First, we will help you review and develop your acquisition strategy to deliver the best results for your business. Using our global network, we will help you to identify the best acquisition for you and your business. Then we’ll make it happen.

We’ll manage your acquisition from start to finish. We will lead negotiations on price, assist with raising finance, preparing Board approval papers and evaluate the most appropriate funding sources with you and support you through the legal process.