Debt and Capital Structure

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All too often business funding structures are relevant to the period in which they were put in place, either because of historical transaction, or trading performance at the time. As economies rapidly change existing funding structures can become inappropriate, and tactical review makes logical sense.

Our business funding advice service helps to strategically review funding structures and where appropriate, source and implement improved packages. We recognise that shareholder value is inextricably linked to debt structures, so work responsibly to maximise shareholder’s returns without taking excessive risks.

Although distressed operational performance can create a catalyst to review funding, it’s not always appropriate. Many businesses remain highly profitable and attractive propositions – it’s just that unexpected intervention sometimes occurs!

If you have a strategic need to re-schedule debt or change equity structures, or if you are simply trying to respond to changing market conditions, we are keen to help. Our regular exposure to the debt and equity markets places us as ideal experts to provide you with a truly independent solution.

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