Bondsword Group

Target company details

Target name: 
Bondsword Group
Country of Target: 
United Kingdom
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Buyer details

Buyer name / MBO / MBI details: 
Purchase led by U.S. entrepreneur Jonathan McQueen
Country of Buyer: 
United States of America

How we helped

How we helped: 
Lead adviser to the Vendors

Amber Composites and Technical Resin Bonders, together comprising the Bondsword Group, are leading manufacturers and suppliers of composite materials and structures. Established in 1989, the group of companies has become an industry leader based on its ability to provide high quality materials and components on a just-in-time basis.

Composites are among the fastest growing segments of raw material used in the transportation and building materials industries. Composites are increasingly replacing traditional metals due to their lightweight and high-strength characteristics.  When used in automobiles and aircraft, composites can significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions while providing comparable or superior structural integrity. Other industries that have rapidly adopted composites include construction building materials, wind energy and marine.

The owners, Stuart Crosskill and Gavin Clarke, had established two successful businesses with strong management structures. However, we recognised that the diversity of the group made it a difficult trade acquisition, and despite the quality of management, there was no buy-out possibility.

The key to Stuart and Gavin’s succession was the identification of the purchaser, a consortium of international investors focused on leveraging technology to increase efficiencies in the transportation and energy industries. 

Led by U.S. entrepreneur Jonathan McQueen, the new owners were attracted by the opportunity  to further expand technical and production capabilities, and to diversify into new and emerging markets. 

Our Corporate Finance team were central to negotiations with the purchasers and project managed the transaction through to a timely and successful completion.